multiple currencies

Selling your goods and services to other countries is a great way to expand your business. But foreign currencies can be tricky to navigate without the proper knowledge and understanding (and keeping up with) the constantly fluctuating currency values and conversions. (more…)

Invoice Tracker Now Integrates With Clio

Clio Integration

Keeping track of and tracking your invoices is essential to increase both profits and billable hours in your firm. Invoice Tracker’s feature list includes everything you need to keep your cash flowing, and ensure all of your data is being accurately tracked and recorded. If your average billable hours in a day only adds up to 29% of your time, your firm needs the real-time insights, automated and customizable email set reminders, and solid invoicing tracking software that Invoice Tracker offers. (more…)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has gained an awful lot of traction (and press) in the past few years. Many people are excited about what it means for the financial industry, others are uninterested, and a lot of us are just plain confused! So what is it, and what makes it something that you should keep on your radar? Is it simply the newest craze, sure to die out quickly? Or is cryptocurrency the wave of the future? (more…)

Invoices: Expectation vs Reality


Accuracy in receiving, verifying, and tracking invoices is crucial for maintaining a positive cash flow for your business. These processes can be complicated, prone to human error, and lead to delays from the first step to the last. Maintaining financial accuracy can present issues for your company even if your staff is well-trained and organized. Often, the expectations for your accounts receivable don’t match up with reality. (more…)

Invoice Tracker: Why Xero Users Love It

Invoice Tracker + Xero

Already using Xero for your accounting needs? Excellent choice! Xero’s time saving tools have likely helped you to free up space in your business, and get you the accurate results you need with features like invoicing, inventory, and fast bank reconciliation. Now that you’ve seen the benefits of tracking your invoices, it’s time to consider doubling up on the ingredients that help drive profitability and growth. (more…)

QuickBooks Invoice Tracker

Did you know that 60% of invoices are paid late? This chart from the Smart Company details average payday data for 19 countries across the globe, and clearly shows that the vast majority of customers worldwide are late with their payments. Even large firms are going past their due dates, with more than a quarter of their invoices being paid late. This can be catastrophic for small and medium-sized enterprises trying to stay afloat. And with the average time to pay at 38.97 days, and more than a quarter (27.26%) of those invoices paid beyond the agreed terms, how can businesses work to combat these troubling statistics? With 15.25% of UK invoices being paid later than 60 days, smaller companies need payment certainty. Knowing when your payments will arrive is crucial to achieving balanced cash flow. (more…)